IRS Calculator

IRS Calculator will show how much Income tax you would have to pay based on your income and status you file on your tax return. It good to check to see what your refund or how  much you owe before your file your tax return.  Click here to go to our calculator. Tax tips can be found at File a tax return on


IRS Tax Return will get the LARGEST TAX REFUND When Prepared Corey Tax since 1984IRS Tax Return will get the Largest Tax Refund When Prepared by Corey Tax.. We E-FILE tax returns and do the fast refunds which get you money in 24 hours. All returns from 1040EZ to LLC and every in between. Corey has been in the tax business for over 25 years. Call 305-823-9228 or Email We service Miami-Dade, Miami, Hialeah,Miami Lakes Doral and Miami Gardens and all of Florida

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